Guinness Storehouse

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Ghosts of Paddy's day past

“Ghosts of Paddy’s Day Past”

Taken from the Gravity Bar in the Guinness Storehouse on Saint Patrick’s day 2009.

The spooky reflections are the people behind me enjoying their pints of Guinness.



I had to call this image “Y”.

Again taken in the Guinness Storehouse on Saint Patrick’s day.

It took some time to have so few people in my viewfinder, but eventually I got the shot I was after.

  1. sNarah says:

    Absolutely love these Shane, especially the first one. One of the best shots I’ve seen from you!

    • shanemurphyphoto says:

      Thanks Sarah.
      Don’t be shocked if you see both of them in the upcoming projected images club competition.
      You’re the 1st to comment on my blog. ;D

  2. sNarah says:

    aha, I had received instructions 🙂 Can’t wait to see them projected on the big screen, I’m sure they are going to look great! Good luck!

  3. shanemurphyphoto says:

    Thanks Sarah. Should be a good night. No one has to worry about printing their images, so we should see quite a few interesting images. Have you picked your final 6 images yet?

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