St Marys

Posted: June 9, 2009 in B/W, HDR
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St Mary's HDR

St. Mary’s Church HDR BW

Decided to try this after I was asked for a print of this church. The HDR enabled me to get lovely light on the church along with the starlight effect on the streetlight.

  1. Philip (Pippatee) says:

    Nice shot Shane … looks like IR … great job with the HDR,


  2. jennyrusks says:

    Lovely, clear shot.

  3. Phil says:

    For some reason I just haven’t converted any HDRs to B&W… must try it.
    This worked out really well though – especially the starburst on the street lamp.

  4. Barry Somers says:

    Love this, reminds me that I need to do more night photos 🙂

    • shanemurphyphoto says:

      Thanks Barry. I love taking low light shots when I’ve my tripod with me. Very happy with how this HDR shot turned out.

  5. redmum says:

    One of the nicest uses of HDR I’ve seen yet, they can be soo bloody boring and bad. This is really lovely. Must try that.

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