Cheer up Ireland

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Photowalk

I have to give a big word of thanks to Vodafone Ireland & for inviting a mad crowd of Irish photobloggers out in Dublin yesterday. We had a great day playing in the snow of the Phoenix Park & then on to Smithfield, followed up with a beautiful meal in Odessa restaurant. Thanks guys for the invite, the food, the little gift bags & the opportunity to take more photos.

We were asked to take photos with the theme ‘Cheer up Ireland’ to go with the current Vodafone adverts as they are to launch a national photo competition shortly with a grand prize of €3,000 for the winner. The top photo of the photowalk will pick up a €100 Amazon voucher to boot. Quite a lot of us ended up playing in the snow instead, but some of the best photos were got when the “Great Snow Bear of Peace” was knocked down.

  1. Mike says:

    Who is that going over the top??

    *holds up score card with a 7* lol

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